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of Life, cosplay and friends

Journal Entry: Fri May 7, 2010, 12:41 AM

We had a Tekken shoot at Clark Quay on a sunday morning late last month.
It's sakana's GCA team actually (the lovely gals namely yuanie, Hoshinoarashi, ringo-031), and i joined in the shoot for a taste of action. Thanks for the photographers Risuchia, roxwindy and ValeforHo. My apologies go out mainly to Risuchia as it's really the first time we shoot together and i honestly do know how mean i can be (but it's really for the shots only :x), don't take it personally ok? and much gratitude to kanaunara for running between everyone to help out on so many little things, it's really not possible without you!

i don't really know how to assemble an album as yet so it's currently random shots on my DA. Meanwhile, do see the other pix on the photographers' and other team-mates' DAs! :juggle:

Tekken Cosplay IV - Alisa by ValeforHo Tekken Cosplay V - Leo by ValeforHo
Tekken Cosplay VII - Leo by ValeforHo Tekken VI - Zafina by ValeforHo

- Here I go - Ikimasu - by ringo-031 Tekken Cosplay III - Leo by ValeforHo
Tekken Cosplay I - Lili by ValeforHo Tekken Cosplay II - Leo by ValeforHo

TEKKEN 6 - The Girls by roxwindy TEKKEN 6 - Offense x Defense by roxwindy
TEKKEN 6 - UPPERCUT by roxwindy Alisa defeated. by ringo-031

tekken - battle : 03 by xrysx tekken - battle : 02 by xrysx
tekken - battle : 01 by xrysx tekken - Zafina wins by xrysx

Before and after Tekken shoot, i actually am still working on a few various projects.

A Luka's song in 2 weeks' time with Woddee, which we started discussing in March. It's again a 1st-time collaboration, so I just hope it'll churn up something different!

A vocaloid team shoot at end May with relatively quite a lot of people involved, which preparations also started in March and still going on intensively. Lotsa love to sakana for helping me on a lot of resources, there are so much going on that it's really hard to keep-in-check. Love to all my team-mates for taking care of yourselves for most of the stuff, i'm putting alot of faith in you pplz! :love: i can't deny i'm still worrying over a 101 things (as usual~) but yeah, lets see what churns out at the end of it.

Simultaneously 2 shoots based on old-school game/anime in early June. I love retro, and both series are really very much on my dreamlist. This is also a project which i threw in alot, so i'm really looking forward to it (with fear too). Thanks to sakana for drafting the wings and going about the script, it certainly lighten my load as the costumes are already wrecking my brain.

and Yes! Cosfest! I've already confirmed the 2 days, and started (but at very initial stage...). As usual i foresee I'll be working on them till the event day morning! It's not exactly costumes I'm familar to make, so it's gonna take quite a few trials and errors which i'm prepared to invest my June. Anyway yeah, something will work out. somehow.

and then my personal dream solo project is kinda halted because of priority to the above. I'm working on and off on it, moving slow now, but i'm still hoping to finish it before Cosfest. Focus on the goal and it'll work out! Ok, my silly belief~

after Cosfest there's a (supposedly short and sweet? :lmao:) project working with zerartul. I would think it's more of his pet project :evillaugh: (but hey i won't be slacking!) anyway, yeah lemme finish the other things at hand first.

i haven't settled my lodging and agenda for the august Sydney trip other than the air ticket... :please:

because of the fun from the Tekken shoot, i've again jio-ed a few friends for yet another fighting game cosplay shoot scheduled in august. ahahahaha.

ah. and there's of course the AFA team lead by yuanie to get ready for...

so yeah i'll probably be very much offline :nirvana: but i'll see some of you pplz at shoots and the coming up Street Fest~

p.s. I've been reading the comments! Sorry i'm really replying very slow :ashamed:

  • Listening to: luka - bullet for prisoner
  • Watching: STREET FIGHTER LEGACY teasers
  • Eating: XinWang HK cafe
  • Drinking: coke lite
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Risuchia Featured By Owner May 24, 2010
Oops! Just saw your journal entry while clearing my dA messages, hehe.. ^^;

No worries ya! As I've said before, I do appreciate more feedback to improve our shots and such, especially since I've still got a lot, a lot, a lot to learn with regard to cosplay shoots, and even photography in general =P

Cheers & ganbatte for you future cosplays~ :w00t:
dearttolife Featured By Owner May 7, 2010
You're one busy girl! I wish I'm as organised and managed as you >_<
cyrissia Featured By Owner May 7, 2010
Ahahah good luck and keep at it!
Daidairo Featured By Owner May 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Ganbare! We're all cheering for you!
suki-luna Featured By Owner May 7, 2010  Student Photographer
jiayouuuuu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <3
XiaoBai Featured By Owner May 7, 2010
Homg so many plans! Looking forward to seeing your vocaloid cosplays! 8D
MasaakiMiho Featured By Owner May 7, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Good luck! I am looking forward to all of them. \ 0 /

How I wish I can cosplay with you.. ; w;~
-treats you as God- xDD
2akakage2 Featured By Owner May 7, 2010
shiroin Featured By Owner May 6, 2010   Photographer
soo busyyyy
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